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Keynote Speakers

We have a quality line-up of top-notch professional speakers from a vast array of fields. These ladies and gentlemen, have truly been there and done that. Each possesses inside knowledge and insights that only years of determination, persistence and training could provide.

Allow them to share their stories of achievement and ways of thinking with your personnel. These motivating and insightful speakers can enliven and energize even the most dreary of functions. More often than not, your keynote speaker will set the tone for your whole convention. Our speakers can talk to your group from such diverse perspectives: from a celebrated physician who taught at a British medical college who turned professional magician, to Oprah's personal hair and make-up artist, to amazing inspirational stories of life and death told by a fire department captain, to an artist who within weeks of teaching himself to draw created a web comic with a daily readership of over 40,000.


Steve Bedwell MDSteve Bedwell MD

Dr. Steve Bedwell is a high-impact, low-maintenance speaker with unique, relevant content; who's funny. Steve teaches business audiences how to flex their Perspective Power™. This is the ability to look at a situation from multiple angles; in order to sharpen thinking, dilute toxic emotions and take effective action.  If your people are looking to solve problems, spot opportunities, make better decisions, be more creative, manage conflict, overcome fear or take action in accordance with their highest priorities; Steve has a uniquely relevant message.

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Paul EndressPaul Endress

A nationally recognized expert in the application of psychology to business in the areas of communication, hiring and retention. His expertise in these subjects is the result of a quarter-century of entrepreneurial experience, a decade of research, and a number of certifications in related areas of psychology and linguistics.

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Vic HenleyVic Henley

A true comedy veteran, Vic Henley has done it all. Co author of "Games Rednecks Play" with fellow comedian Jeff Foxworthy, Vic recently made his first appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Nominated for college Comedian of the Year five times, Vic has appeared on Comedy Central’s "Tough Crowd with Collin Quin" in addition to just about every stand up comedy show on television including BBC Stand Up in London.

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Howard TaylerHoward Tayler

The writer, illustrator, and entrepreneur behind the popular comic strip "Schlock Mercenary." The website schlockmercenary.com delivers over 250,000 page-views per day, and boasts some 35,000 to 40,000 daily readers.

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