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Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping can be a very effective tool as a stand alone feature or in conjunction with our customer service sessions, either:

"Seattle Fish, Catch The Excitement" or "Creating Customer Loyalty"

During the session nothing is said about the Mystery shopping visits until the end. All of us have been part of customer service training however when you let the group know you have "shopped" the competition you really have their attention and the best is yet to come. After talking about your company's effectiveness I then say "now do you realize how hard your competition is working to take your business away? Let me give you some examples." Then I let the group know I have visited their competition and here is what I found.

The purpose is to make employees realize other companies are willing to work hard to earn your customer's business.

all of us need to do a effective job consistently,

not just when the boss is standing there.

employees too often don't realize the truth about what your competition is offering.

They think they know your competition's business, but until someone really finds out misinformation hurts everyone.


We offer these and other services when we mystery shop:

Either on the phone or in person.

Multiple visits by different shoppers to gain better information.

Pre visit questionnaire to determine what information you are requesting.

When visits are over a written report will be provided.

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